My Fitness Philosophy

When it comes to fitness, many (but not all) roads lead to Rome. Why make something harder when you can accomplish the same results more easily, and while having more fun? No one enjoys walking on a treadmill for hours on end, and with me that’s not what you’ll do. My philosophy to losing fat, toning up, and even getting shredded revolves around a few fundamental pillars.


For one, I believe in combating muscular plateauing by constantly varying the types of exercises you do. When you’ve been on the same routine for a while, your muscles get used to the movements, and stop growing. By varying the workouts, you constantly shock your system into growing. I develop my own functional workouts, with or without weights, which push your cardio and stimulate mild muscular hypertrophy.


But perhaps more importantly, a sound nutritional approach is what will help you lose the fat. Abs are made in the kitchen, so eating right is essential. On my Premium Plan, you will be following a macronutrient-based diet, but will be able to eat with flexibility. On my Elite Plan, geared towards those of you wanting to get shredded, I’ll be providing a stricter clean-eating personalized plan.

Standard Plan
  • Weekly workouts,
    with video support

    I am a WBFF Pro with 5 years experience competing, and training athletes the world over. Over the years, I’ve developed my own style of workouts,which are a type of weight-assisted functional training. No two workouts are the same, which avoids plateauing and keeps things interesting. I post two video workouts a week, one that can be done with no equipment, and the other at the gym. Each workout is accompanied with an illustrative video, so you don’t have to wonder how to execute them!
  • Healthy Recipes

    Working out and doing cardio is great, but will give you limited results if you're looking to shed some fat. Hard bodies are mostly made in the kitchen, and each week I will post a delicious and healthy recipe. I believe in a balanced diet that isn't boring; no dry chicken breast and broccoli with me! More advanced plans will receive a personalized meal plan specifically tailored to your fitness goals.
  • Standard
    Support Email

    I will do my best to make everything crystal clear and simple to follow. Even so, some of you may have questions or seek clarification. I provide you with a support email for this purpose. I will usually get back to you within 24 hours, but depending on the volume of inquiries, I may sometimes take a little longer. Premium Plan members get placed on a priority list.
Premium Plan
All features of standard Plan... +
  • Macro based
    nutritional plan

    On our Premium Plan, I will ask you to send me your fitness goals, and I will send back an easy-to-follow nutritional guide. The guide is different from the recipes in that it's a comprehensive eating plan that you can easily adhere to.It's flexible, allowing you to eat from a number of approved foods, while following an effective macro-based diet. It'll be tailored to your current physical condition and desired outcome, and is fully nutritionist approved.
  • Exclusive
    Photo Gallery

    As a fitness model, I'm always doing photoshoots. Most of these pictures are available publicly, but by becoming a member you will have access to a private board where I'll post pics that haven't been published anywhere else.
  • Bimonthly
    (every 2 months) Follow Up

    On this plan, I will provide a personal follow-up every two months where I will ask you to send me progress pictures, as well as a weigh-in; your plan will then be adjusted if need be.
  • High Priority
    Email Support

    I will do my best to make all the workouts and nutritional plans super easy to follow and understand. However, if you have any questions, Premium Plan members have access to a higher priority email address that ensures you get an answer fast!
Elite Plan
All features of Premium Plan... +
  • Detailed initial
    Email Consultation

    On the Elite Plan, you'll be getting more seriously into fitness. You're looking for a hard, shredded body, one that you can proudly display at the beach. In order to reach that level, you'll need to give me a more detailed description of your current condition, your working out history, and other details. I will send you a questionnaire, and ask for pictures of your current shape. This will allow me to develop a plan that's tailored just for you.
  • Personalized
    nutritional guide

    When you're getting deeper into fitness, every detail counts. Macro based diets are great, but for the finishing touches it's important to follow a stricter approach. Following your consultation, I will tailor your nutritional plan to your stated goals. Yes, it'll be a stricter plan that you have to follow closely. But don't worry; you'll still enjoy what you eat! I will also give you a shopping list based on the plan you get, to make your time at the supermarket even easier.
  • Personalized
    Workout regimen

    As great as the weekly workouts are, they're tailored to a general audience. However in the Elite Plan, you need something more adapted to your current shape. Maybe your shoulders need work. Maybe you've been neglecting leg day at the gym. I will look at you and develop a plan that targets your weaknesses and enhances your strengths.
  • 50 minute Skype
    sessions, every 3 months

    There's only so much that can be accomplished through email and on the website. For the Elite Plan members, I will be happy to get on a Skype video call every three months. We can discuss anything you like, from supervising you during a workout, to answering questions about supplements, nutrition, or anything you want. A week before your scheduled session, I will send you an email asking you what you want to discuss.
Competition Package
For those of you looking to take your training to the next level, I am able to provide you with unmatched competition prep assistance. This is my top-of-the-line plan, and includes a customized workout strategy, and a detailed nutritional plan with a shopping list. I will follow-up every three months, and make adjustments whenever necessary. I've competed almost a dozen times, and consistently placed amongst the finalists. I will give 1-on-1 Skype calls, and well as posing practice and tutorials online. Whether you're thinking of doing fitness competitions, or you've already done a few and want to perfect your skills, I can help you. Simply contact me for more information.
I try to make my membership plans as comprehensive as possible, but there may still be things that you want to get that aren't included in there.  Whether you wish to personalize some aspect of your plan, or you're interested in getting some Muna Breitem branded merchandise, the Shop is the place to go.  I'll be adding items here as their demand becomes apparent.
  • 50 minute skype session


    Embarking on a journey of self-improvement is a difficult task.  If you’ve never taken the trip before, it’s normal to have questions every so often.  That’s why the Skype call is important: you can get answers to as many questions as you want in the most efficient manner.  Whether you just want to chat and share your story, or you want me to supervise you during one of your workouts, having that audio-visual instant feedback is invaluable.  If you feel that you’re not getting enough calls in your plan, I’ll be happy to get online on-demand.

    • Early modification to meal plan


      I promise to do my best to give you an exciting and effective meal plan.  It’ll be varied and complete; having been looked over by a nutritionist, you can be assured it’s healthy.  But it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be satisfied with it.  If you’ve tried it out for a while and it’s just not working for you for any reason, select this option to get a new meal plan altogether.  I’ll work with your feedback to develop something more suited to your tastes.

      • Autographed poster


        If you’ve never competed in fitness, you’re unlikely to know about the amount of work, prep, costume design, catwalk practice, posing practice, and innumerable other elements that go into it.  I do this because it’s my passion, and I like to photograph the results of my efforts.  I’ve worked with some of the best photographers in the business, from David Ford to David Buceta, and I’m always happy to send an autographed poster of one of my prints to someone who wants one.

        • Fly Muna to your location, train with her for 5 days: $1,500 (travel + accommodations separate)


          This one is a little special.  It has happened on occasions that a client has become so deeply involved in his training that he’s felt the need to have me coach him in person for a few days.  The amount of work or knowledge that can be communicated in person over the course of three days is incomparable to what you might get online, so I’m happy to accommodate.  The price reflects the income I would likely lose by leaving my work for those days, as well as a reasonable compensation for the trouble of going through airport security twice.


Coming from Montreal, Quebec, Canada!