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Before starting my training with Muna, I was scared of working out. I thought it would be boring, and I would have to starve all the time. But she pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of, and was with me every step of the way. I lost 25 lbs of fat, and found energy and strength I never imagined I had within me. And I had a blast the whole time. She is awesome!

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On our more advanced plan, I will ask you to send me your fitness goals, and I will send back an easy-to-follow nutritional guide. The guide is different from the recipes in that it's a comprehensive eating plan that you can easily adhere to. It's flexible, allowing you to eat from a number of approved foods, while following an effective macro-based diet. It'll be tailored to your current physical condition and desired outcome, and is fully nutritionist approved.

Additionally, I will provide a personal follow-up every two months where I will ask you to send me progress pictures, as well as a weigh-in; your plan will then be adjusted if need be.
As a fitness model, I'm always doing photoshoots. Most of these pictures are available publicly, but by becoming a member you will have access to a private board where I'll post pics that haven't been published anywhere else.
With 5 years experience competing all over North America, I have come to learn the tricks of the trade. I know that once you start taking fitness more seriously, you need more refined advice and a more hands-on approach. For this reason I will be offering Skype calls to our Elite members as well as posing tutorials and competition prep to those who request it.
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